il 4 maggio scorso

From Melanie C : "Uh

From Melanie C : "Uh, check it, night and day, black beach sand to red clay
The US to UK, NYC to LA, from sidewalks to highways
See, it'll never be the same, what I'm sayin'
My mind frame never changed 'til you came rearranged
But sometimes it seems completely forbidden
To discover those feelings that we kept so well hidden
Where there's no competition and you render my condition
Though improbable it's not impossible
For a love that could be unstoppable
But wait, a fine line's between fate and destiny
Do you believe in the things that were just meant to be?
When you tell me the stories of your quest for me
Picturesque is the picture you paint effortlessly
And as our energies mix and begin to multiply
Everyday situations, they start to simplify
So things will never be the same between you and I
We intertwined our life forces and now we're unifiedAltro